The LifeLine Technique is an advanced holistic system that discovers, releases and interprets the root causes of physical symptoms and stress.


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921440_91277389-2Due to wonderful technology, the world is open to you and you no longer have to leave your home to have a LifeLine session. Call me at 954-658-0114 to set up an appointment. We will communicate via Skype.

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Sessions are $90.00 an hour.

In order to have a Skype session, you will need to use the program, Skype. Here are two videos that explain what Skype is, and how to install it on your computer. The program is free, so enjoy! I look forward to “seeing” you online!

Skype Overview

Detailed Skype Installation

Recently I was conversing with my high-spirited friend, Cindy Halley a.k.a the GODpillow Lady. She asked me if I would be do a LifeLine Session with her and being the cautiously, adventurous type, she peeked my interest. I agreed. I really had no idea what to expect and proceeded with a light hearted suspicious mind.

We sat quietly in a room by ourselves and we began. By the middle of the session, the the LifeLine Flow Chart revealed to me, my inner self and found I was open and truthful with myself. I found it to be enlightening and by the end of the hour session, I left curiously light hearted and with a different perspective of my attitude. To this day I try to exercise some of what I learned in the LifeLine Session.        -Bob B. 

I have been suffering for a very long time. My loving daughter committed suicide at age 16, approximately 4 years ago. I have had increasing physical pain and emotional pain over the last four years. I was so heavy with grief and remorse I just wanted to die and it all come to an end.

One evening I overheard Cindy, my Lifeline Coach, talking to someone about her practice. I had never heard anything like it and wanted to try a session. It was amazing. I felt the heaviness lift from me at the first session. I felt light and peaceful, something I had not felt in years. My mind was clear and I had hope. After the second session the feeling of wanting to die left me. I could feel the love of others who had cared for me through these hard times. I began to feel good things and stopped isolating so much. I did not feel as trapped as I have in the past.

I have my third session planned for this week as I have more peace of mind than I have had in years. I look forward to my sessions as I know they help me to release pain and grow in God’s peace and love. Infinite gratitude and love to all.     -Liza M.

Cindy Halley is one of those amazing people whose energy initiates healing simply by being in her presence. I am honored and grateful to have Cindy as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner. She is gifted in her ability to hold a space for authentic healing to occur. I highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking to create a powerful and empowering change in their life.     -With Infinite Love & Gratitude, Darren

Cindy Halley is a focused and gifted LifeLine Practitioner. Her greatest strength is that she listens to the client and is able to guide each person through the process of the LifeLine. I had very real and very sustainable emotional and physical shifts upon receiving a LifeLine from Cindy.     - Infinite Love and Gratitude! Leslie Chiappetti C.Ht., CLP

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About Cindy

Cindy Halley

Cindy Halley, born in the 60's, has collected all of her hope, strength and experiences to share with you ....

What is LifeLine?

The LifeLine Technique is an evolutionary way to release the root cause of symptoms and disease. It uses muscle testing, a Flow Chart, and the healing frequency of Infinite Love & Gratitude to harmonize the subconsciously internalized, denied or disconnected emotions that have resulted in [physical] symptoms.” (Weissman 234)

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